Terms and Conditions

All purchased ready to buy products have 14 days from receipt of the product to make any complaints related to the state of delivery of the product, and after which is then considered to be accepted in all respects. The EU Directive on Consumer Rights updated in June 2014 are only relevant to ready-made products.

All Made-to-order products are made only upon signature and pre-payment, 70% of the invoice amount will be paid pre-production and 30% of the invoice amount will be paid pre-delivery. Final changes within reason are allowed prior to the final stage of production, the customer is contacted and given the opportunity to make final confirmation about all aspects stipulated in the final purchase agreement. The final confirmation has a limited time owing to the production process. This time will be clearly communicated to the customer. Should the customer not respond to this final request for confirmation, this will then be regarded as a final confirmation. 

All aspects related to customisation, drawings offered by L U M I N E A and offers are L U M I N E A’s property and may not be submitted to a third party without special permission.

Specifications, colours and other relevant customisation requests shall be submitted to L U M I N E A within the time stated in the confirmation of order. If not, L U M I N E A is considered free from any promises regarding the time of delivery.

For divergences with regard to colours, dimensions, length, and thickness, the rules which are generally applied by L U M I N E A for the products in question shall be followed.

Shipping is calculated based on the location of delivery. L U M I N E A will inform the customer prior to purchase of all fees. Deliveries within Sweden are free of charge.  

​Our products can be purchased in other currencies, please contact us for rates. 

Shipping costs
Shipping costs will be calculated based on the customer's delivery location. The details will be provided to the customer prior to the final terms of sale. Please note the customer will be responsible for all import duties - as these are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country.  All products are shipped from Sweden to the customer.
Shipping within Sweden is free of charge.  

Time of delivery
The stated times of delivery are approximate and they are always referring to, unless otherwise specially stated, the time of dispatch from the workshop responsible in the production.

L U M I N E A does not undertake any liability for damages whatsoever in case of delayed deliveries, unless fines have been promised by L U M I N E A in writing and the fines shall then only be paid in so far as the customer demonstrably has been caused damages and the delay has not been caused by events mentioned below (Force majeure), for which L U M I N E A is exempt from liability.

The customer, however, has the right to cancel the purchase agreement, if the approximate time of delivery has been considerably exceeded, without L U M I N E A being able to refer to any circumstances emphasizing its non-liability in this respect.

If the customer has not in due time fulfilled the stipulated terms of payment or has not in due time in writing submitted to L U M I N E A such information that is necessary for the delivery or otherwise has delayed the execution of the order beyond what was stipulated in writing by L U M I N E A, for instance by significant additions to or alterations of the order, L U M I N E A has the right to implement a corresponding prolongation of the time of delivery.

Force majeure 
Each event affecting L U M I N E A, the workshop supplier or transporters, of which the event cannot be hindered and which makes the delivery more difficult or is delaying the delivery, gives L U M I N E A the right to either cancel the purchase agreement or extend the time of delivery.

Examples of such events are war, mobilization, political troubles, export or/and import prohibitions affecting the EU, Sweden or another country, labour conflicts, fire, engine breakdown in the manufacturer’s workshop, lack of means of transport, traffic disturbances, shipwrecks, lack of power supply, natural events or other conditions of any kind which affects our delivery capacity that are beyond our control.

Should a workshop referred to in the purchase agreement close down, L U M I N E A exempts itself from all liability to deliver. At such a closing down L U M I N E A will immediately inform the customer, and do all it can to transfer the production to another workshop, on successive transferal of production, L U M I N E A exempts itself from the corresponding prolongation of the time of delivery.

Delivery of goods
L U M I N E A's liability for the goods expires with the arrival of the goods at the place of destination. If the goods are damaged on arrival at the final destination, if parts are missing, or there are reasons for complaints regarding the transport, this shall immediately be reported in writing to L U M I N E A, otherwise a claim for compensation cannot be established. Material which may have been damaged during the transport shall without fail be inspected by the relevant transport authorities of a legally responsible representative for the transporters of the goods.

If the delivered goods turn out to be impaired by errors that are clearly visible to being different from the final confirmation stage in the production, L U M I N E A shall within reasonable time and free of charge, make a choice of replacing, repairing or reworking the delivered goods. But L U M I N E A is under no obligation on account of the error to pay any other compensation or for other damages of any kind whatsoever.

Complaints against a delivery (state, quality, divergences, etc) shall be made within 14 days after receipt of the goods. If such a complaint is not made in spite of the customer having discovered or ought to have discovered the error after the 14 days, the customer loses their right to make a claim.

Owing to the labour in the production process, pre-payment is required prior to the products being made. Details of the payment process will be explained, payments are made online, the link will be provided once the customisation details have been agreed or with an invoice.