Our story

L U M I N E A was created with the purpose of promoting and preserving a disappearing cultural heritage, the wool felting craftsmanship has been immersed in the history of Turkey. Many pick elements and inspiration from different eras and cultures, and combine them to create a new chapter. Our essence is from a different era and a cultural heritage; we keep the handcraft alive with modern design.

Beyond beauty and love of the process itself, and a responsibility to preserve a disappearing cultural heritage, there are other important reasons why we espouse the craftsmanship in general. The AI world is increasing for each day; alongside we want to maintain an essential human needs and take sustainability to the next level. ​

How L U M I N E A started?


Why L U M I N E A?

L U M I N E A preserve a disappearing cultural heritage, and at the same time take sustainability to the next level.
The ancient felting process does not require the use of chemicals or toxins; only a very mild soap is used to wash the wool. Otherwise, the biodegradable wool, vegetable dyes are the only ingredients.  We have also started the project of reusing water and maintaining electricity by solar energy. 
We want our actions to have a positive effect on the physical environment and also on other forces that affect the quality of life. With our actions we want to contribute to and facilitate a socioeconomic development : Through increasing the demand for making these products, we aim to improve the financial feasibility of this cultural craftsmanship, subsequently drawing interest within the local community to invest in preserving this cultural heritage craft while simultaneously adapting to current times.​

Advantage with L U M I N E A rug :

The rug is made of 100% wool that is a natural and reusable fiber. The rug will absorb humidity, keep dust out from the space, also it is an effective thermal isolator and sound absorbing.
You can easily update the interior design - The rug will give the room a great transformation with its beauty and historical treasure. The minimalist space softens with its richness, and the furniture groups gather into one calm and inviting space. Create an inviting and cosy atmosphere with a colourful rug that will bring a statement on the floor.