Customised Rug

Customization process
  • Initiation
    You can choose among the many designs available.
  • Customising
    You can choose the colours and size of the product within the specifications available that will all be provided to you for reference. The design and specifications chosen are then presented to L U M I N E A artisans to confirm the request can be reproduced. Some changes may be necessary depending on the specifications. The product will go into production only once the customer has signed off all details.  ​Payment details will be provided at this time, the customer will be provided with an online payment link or an invoice.
  • Production
    Because all L U M I N E A products are handmade it is important to keep this in mind for the final outcome. ​L U M I N E A will do it's utmost to ensure the end result is as close to the signed off specifications.


Made to order: L U M I N E A products are handmade resulting in highly customisable and unparalleled products. L U M I N E A will provide you the necessary support in making these decisions. 

Design availability: We offer a selection of contemporary designs to choose from that can be modified to your desired specifications. The reference name of each design can be found next to each design. Please use these references when contacting L U M I N E A. 

Specifications: The following specifications are for guidance. As the products are made to order L U M I N E A will work closely with you regarding your desires. All L U M I N E A products are in wool, we never use synthetic fibers. 

Size: On each design we have stated the suggested sizes in width and length. 
Thickness: The rugs will have a thickness between 0.5cm and 1cm. 

NOTE: The final size and thickness may vary slightly owing to the nature of how wool reacts in the felting process. As these rugs are handmade please note that the borders will not be perfect straight lines.

Colours: The available colours can be seen on our colour palette page. 

​How do you pick colours and design?
With the rug as a starting point: When you decorate a room or an entire home, it is not uncommon to leave the choice of rug last. Instead, try to use the rug as a starting point and decorate the rest of the room with furniture based on your rug choice. It can be an exciting way to decorate and will perhaps help you find a new style.

How do you pick size?
Livingroom: If you want a rug by the corner sofa or chaise longue, the rug should stick in 1/4 - 1/2 of the sofa's depth to anchor the sofa. Or just place the rug under the table and close to the sofa(s).   
Kitchen: The rug under the dining table should protrude about 60-80 cm measured from the table edge. Then all the chair legs on the rug will be accommodated as you pull out the chair to sit down at the table, and it is easy to slide the chairs in and out.
Bedroom: If you put it under the bed, the rug should stick out about 60 cm, so you can walk on the rug around the bed. Or place the rug next to the bed. 

Payment: As all L U M I N E A products are handmade, production can only commence upon the pre-payment of a confirmed order.  Payments are done through an online system or an invoice once the final specifications have been confirmed. L U M I N E A aim to ensure that all customer relations are personalized and private. L U M I N E A provides transparency with its customers to deliver the highest level of service.

For further information about customisation and ordering, please contact us:
​Our Terms and Conditions may also answer some of your questions.