Care and Cleaning

If the product is undergoing daily use, regularly rotate it to ensure even wear.

The product can be folded or rolled for storage. Ensure it  is clean before storing. Wool is a natural fibre and to avoid attracting moths or similar insects, place a sack of lavender or cedar blocks inside the storage bag and close tightly. Wrap in natural fiber and store in a cool place.

Wool does not need to be cleaned regularly as the fiber is dirt repellent, airing is recommended.

Vacuuming is optimal to keep your rug clean and prolong its life. If you use a vacuum ensure the settings are for hard floor so that the spinning brush is not being used.
​Please vacuum the rug "SKIN" from backside.

You can wash gently by hand with mild detergent, laundry soap or baby shampoo mixed with warm water (not too warm). Blot the rug with a towel. Afterwards blot again with only water. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB.
For professional cleaning always submit your rug to a reputable laundry. 

If a spill occurs, clean it immediately. Blot the spill with a dry towel, do not use paper towels or tissues. If the spill contains acids or protein, blot with 3 parts water to one part white vinegar, and then dry blot to remove excess liquid. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB.

Do not wring out the water, instead press down with a dry cloth to soak up excess water. Dry hanging in an airy space out of direct sunlight and heat. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

If you are unsure or have further questions please e-mail us :