Beginning of the story

In 2013, L U M I N E A founder Seyhan Sevinc attended a wedding at her parents' village in Turkey where she saw a magnificent rug in a house. She asked about it and was told the history of Turkish wool felt making, though only to be informed that the particular workshop that made that rug no longer existed, as was the case for so many other local workshops. Realising the implications a vanishing craftsmanship can have on history and culture, Seyhan established L U M I N E A, to shine a spotlight on this art.

It was not until another wedding that Seyhan attended, when the next phase of L U M I N E A developed. Sitting across the banquet dinner, Seyhan and Vanessa when their random conversation led to the discussion about the growing need to own fewer things, but things you treasure the most because of their story, how and where it is made and the quality, and thus the importance of emotions connected to the objects we surround ourselves with everyday. During this conversation Seyhan mentioned the Turkish wool felt culture, journey continued and L U M I N E A was released year 2016.