"The Flying Rug" at the freelance stylist Moona Narancic

Luminea: Can you tell us about yourself? 
Moona Narancic: To create has been a big part of me throughout my life. Working with hair has been my dream since I was 4-5 years old, it was the only profession I wanted. From when I was 16 years old, I have worked as hairdresser, but it was never enough for me to just stand in a salon. Even after working 20 years in a hair salon, I wanted something more, I enjoyed my work very much, still I took every opportunity to work with shows and shoots. When I got opportunities to do things that I felt scared about or where I needed to go outside my comfort zone, my attitude was: ”I have never done it before, so I will probably make it ”, like a Pippi Långstrump mind-set. I have always dared to be myself and alone in things, pushed myself to do things that I am not 100% sure that I can handle. For 4 years now I live in Stockholm. During my time here I felt that I was finished with the salon world and decided to start my own business. To work as a freelance hair stylist with hair and make up gave me opportunity to create in a completely different way than before. Today I work as a freelance hairstylist and makeup-artist in advertising and fashion where I have the opportunity to meet amazing people and incredible creators. I travel a lot and work with big campaigns and magazines, things that I felt like a dream before, and work with people from the fashion world who felt very far away and unreachable. So that's what I do - I live and I create.  

Luminea: What inspires you? 
Moona Narancic: What inspires me is the unpredictable and also being challenged. I enjoy asymmetry, what does not seem obviously correct and what is not too perfect inspires me.

Luminea: What are you thoughts about Luminea rugs? 
Moona Narancic: What I like about this rug is the shapes, also one side of the rug it is the monochromatic color scheme. It may sound contradictory because I like asymmetry but in colors I like uniformity. Luminea creates something genuine and in the creation and material there is an authenticity and rawness that I like. They want to preserve something that feels genuine, to preserve a disappearing cultural heritage that comes from the ancestors - I admire this. 

Luminea: If you were to fly to a dream world, how would it look? 
Moona Narancic: I can see a dream world where we build our own houses and eat food that we grow. That we create an environment around us that feels good. Makes you see the beauty in another way. I dream about a time where we can enjoy everything with all our senses, that we have inner peace and calm, a world where there is balance between animals and people, and between nature and people. That we are not in a world where people control people, with control it will always be imbalance somewhere. Today we are in a world where you are in an eco wheel, where you think and do things that you almost do not know why. 

Luminea: What do you think is interesting with culture? Which barriers can be managed through culture? 
Moona Narancic: People inspire us, this is something almost everyone will say but we do not see the space between us. Most often you see what is at front of you. I think meetings between people should be as reading a book and manage to understand what it is told between the lines. To see people that are different from us self’s, with challenges and stories that we might not understand first. I want to see what’s behind, under and over and all the space “between the lines” of a person. It is culture for me, because it is culture that shapes us; the values and traditions we have, the desires we have, come from words, forms, colors, art and faith. Culture is after all people and culture is everywhere in the world. If you see the space between us, you no longer see what is too obvious and thus the barriers disappear and everything becomes more interesting.