"The Flying Rug" at the autor Maria Wigbrant









Luminea: Can you tell us about yourself?
Maria Wigrant: I am 3 children's mother and work as midwife at maternity care, alongside i have always worked with training. I got the best of the two worlds, there I have the opportunity to work with pregnant women at maternity care and also I have specialised in training for pregnant women and mothers. I have written a book about it "Strong, Happy, Pregnant" ("Stark, Glad, Gravid") and soon I will publish my second book called "Strong, Happy, Mother". I hope that I will continue to inspire women into a healthier life, even when you are pregnant and recently have given birth you can have a health life. I also work as group training instructor, now in 35 years, and I still think it is so incredibly fun to see that I can help and motivate people to train, and teach them why it is important to keep the body running. In my world, training is a life insurance.

Luminea: What inspires you?
Maria Wigrant: There are many things that inspire me, one thing that keeps me going is the constant acknowledgement; that I have been part of someone's change and improvement. I like challenges, to meet people who are a bit difficult, then I think "I'll probably get you to glimpse". Even life inspires me.

Luminea: What are you thoughts about Luminea rugs?
Maria Wigrant: I was so surprised that it was so soft, thought it would be rough and heavy, but it was light and very nice.

Luminea: If you were to fly to a dream world, how would it look?
Maria Wigrant: I think we live in a very hard society, I would like to fly to a nicer place. I see lack of empathy and love between people - I am very frightened by the world we live in, we are uninterested in each other and choose to look in our mobiles instead of showing humanity. I also think it is a high pace, I do not know if it is me who is too old, but I would like to fly to the nicer, friendlier and calmer world. Where people care about each other.