"The Flying Rug" at Elin Mohlander founder of the brand Residus

Luminea: Can you tell us about yourself?
Elin Mohlander: I am the founder of a brand called Residus. We deal with surplus fabrics as a means to look after our environment. We aim at not producing any new fabrics, but working with what is already there. The only emissions that we have relates to the production of the product, but the textile is already there which is the main emission culprit in the textile industry. We founded the business 2016 and started trading 2017. 

​Luminea: What inspires you?
Elin Mohlander: People first and foremost, but also meetings between people. People’s  way of thinking forward and the desire to want positive change. Progressive thinking inspires me. 

Luminea: What was you experience/feelings about the rug?
Elin Mohlander: It is incredibly smooth and soft. Almost like a blanket. It feels like one would be able to wrap it around oneself rather than have it as a rug. I like that.

Luminea: If you were to fly to a dream world, how would it look? 
Elin Mohlander: My dream world is a place without pollution and where there is peace. Everyone is happy and there is not any injustice.