"The Flying Rug" at Edie Chambers the soul behind Ateme ceramics

Luminea: Can you tell us about yourself?
Edie Chambers: After working 15years as a fashion designer and trend forecaster, I was craving a creative output that embraced a slower design process. In the summer of 2014 a few friends invited me to a ceramics course here in Stockholm and I instinctively caught the ceramics bug. For the first time in years I felt passionately inspired and spend my days dreaming up new shapes and forms. 
After a few years of ceramics being my side project, i made a decision to redesign my woking life. I left my full time employment to become a part time fashion consultant in order for me have the time to pursue my new found love for ceramics.
There is something about working with clay that is very grounding; the clay recalls the earth it was made from. For me, the tactility of the process brings both a form of meditation as well as a constant spark of creativity. Working with ceramics demands patience, it can't be rushed, which is somewhat a process of "anti-fast fashion". 
ATEME, is about embracing a slower way of living, finding beauty in imperfections and trusting in the unpredictability of the process. Hand-grown modernist ceramics, sculptural but functional, organic yet conceptual. Most of all, it's uncontrollably me. My rescue, my re-start, and my reach for beauty in the rough. 

Luminea: What inspires you?
Edie Chambers: Inspiration comes from many things for me, but if I need ro put it down to a couple of things it would be the people; the connections you build with people, also people who are questioning the boundaries or pushing boundaries in the fields they are working in inspires me. Also people who look at things in a new way, and that they are open for new ways of thinking, innovation. 
Also when it comes to my ceramics I am really inspired by just day-to-day life and see the beauty in everything. Even it is beauty in sadness, beauty in happiness, or beauty just in the environment and surrounding, or beauty in the interacting with somebody, beauty in connections with people. I think it is all about the beauty of this energy, that you can find everywhere you just need to tune in to it and listen to it.  

Luminea: What are you thoughts about Luminea rugs?
Edie Chambers: Firstly I think they are beautiful, and also there is a personal reason for that; knowing the woman behind them is also very inspirational for me, because is somebody who already got an established career and brunch out to do something very much creative, showing appreciation to the handmade and slower way of working. Also when I look at the rugs and feel them, I do not only see the beauty of the texture and the pattern but I also think about the craftsman who actually used his hands and mind to make the piece - it is a piece of art. There is so much beauty when you understand that.  

Luminea: If you were to fly to a dream world, how would it look?
Edie Chambers: It would be a world where we all embraced a slower way of living, and the reason I say that is that I think it will have a butterfly-effect. So if we all are embracing a slower way of living, we would be more in-tune with our self. When you get more in-tune with yourself you learn to love the people around you more, have more respect for people around you, have respect for the planet and love the planet. I think it would solve the environmental issues of today and we would have so much more love for where we leave and want to take care of it. I think all comes down to love, for us to act more love and compassionate way we need to start living more intentionally, slower and mindfully. That would be my dream world.