"The Flying Rug" at Alexandra Sparrdal, digital communicator

Luminea: Can you tell us about yourself?​ 
Alexandra Sparrdal: At early age I started using social media, at that time I never thought it would be my full time job. Today I work as a digital communicator for Företagarna and also as an influencer through my private Instagram account. My journey began when I lived in Los Angeles; I studied graphic design, started my blog and got the opportunity to write for the magazine Solo. I continued to gather knowledge and studied social media, after that I moved to Marbella and started my own business as a consultant; I helped smaller companies with their social media and their digital sales.

Luminea: What inspires you? 
Alexandra Sparrdal: To travel and experience different cultures inspires me. In addition to that, I am inspired by entrepreneurs who are driven, determined and follow their dreams. 

Luminea: What are you thoughts about Luminea rugs?
Alexandra Sparrdal: ​I really like the designs and the story behind the company and products! The rugs speak for it self and not many objects are needed to lift the entire room and make it more homely.

Luminea: If you were to fly to a dream world, how would it look? 
Alexandra Sparrdal: ​Like a wonderland. A world with peace and beautiful nature with pigs swimming in the sea.

Luminea: What do you think is interesting with culture? Which barriers can be managed through culture? 
Alexandra Sparrdal: We can see culture through art, music, architecture, literature, traditions, and more. Experiencing different cultures through art forms is inspiring. Take part in and experiencing cultures at home or abroad through diverse cultural objects or activities creates awareness and knowledge, thereby increasing the community and interest in the other.