"The Flying Rug" at the artist Jenny Sandersson

Luminea: Can you tell us about yourself?
Jenny Sandersson: I am 39 years old so 1 year left in the happy days of youth. Lived 10 years in Los Angeles, I had a Hollywood life with our Dolph Lundgren. I started my artistic life as a hairdresser, with time I took it further with paintings that became very much appreciated. When I lived in LA, life was very much up and down. Traveled a lot with my ex boyfriend; he was working and I was there as support so my life was like “paused”. Tried to keep up the painting, an example is when we were in South Africa to record a TV serie I took the opportunity to have an art exhibition. I had a fantastic life but felt that I needed to run my own thing, so I just moved back to Stockholm. Who knows what I think and do after 1 year, but I will give Stockholm an honest chance and shock the country a little with my clothes, which are not “lagom” and it is with lots of colours. People need more guts, just need the courage to do more / add more without thinking “what if”. So here I am starting from scratch.

Luminea: What inspires you?
Jenny Sandersson: My biggest source of inspiration, now that I'm older, is meeting other people who are like-minded. Just to sit down and talk to someone and change ideas, evolve at that very moment. It inspires me a lot to get the energy from others who are like-minded, people with courage and just do it! 

Luminea: What are you thoughts about Luminea rugs?
Jenny Sandersson: I have got to know Luminea now at The Lobby, the products are made with old honourable techniques with applied contemporary design. I love that mix and it is a bit how I am working; take something old and do it contemporaneous. Very cool and different, love to have one when I move into my new apartment in Stockholm. I like the concept, there is a lot of mass-produced, but here it is handmade and there is a lot of work behind each individual product.

Luminea: If you were to fly to a dream world, how would it look?
Jenny Sandersson: Definitely a lot of color everywhere, strong neon colors not gray, beige and the safe and crap colours. The cars just glitter in color! Yes I would like that. All people are happy and free, no one has problems, and there is no hate or racism. If it also could be healthy pizza and sweets, quite the opposite of today - would be the dream. With lots of colours and pizza simply – this is the dream world.

Luminea: What do you think is interesting with culture? Which barriers can be managed through culture?
Jenny Sandersson: Especially today, I think culture through art is needed more than ever because there is so much hate and war. The art is so neutral, regardless of where the observer is from; you make an impact through art, dance performance, music and opening for understanding and unity.